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Manakeep 728x90


Rank: Leader
Online: 8 months ago
Joined: Jan 09, 2011
Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
State/Province: Derbyshire
City: Spondon, Derby
I live near Derby, England with my wife Barbara. I've been playing computer games for many years, and especially RPG's. I cut my teeth on the likes of Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights, to name but a few until a work colleague introduced me to EQ2 in Jan 2005, and then I was hooked!

I finally cancelled my subscription about 5 years ago, partly due to RL commitments, and partly due to a growing disillusionment and disappointment with the route SOE was taking in dumbing down various aspects of the game. I left behind 7 toons of which 2 are at lvl 80, and I had my own guild …the Knights of Kithicor, which achieved lvl 31 through the hard work of just a handful of dedicated members. I still enjoy EQ2, but feel the “quality” of the game has suffered to a point where I do not feel that a subscription is justified! Hence … here I am !!

My other passion in life is music … I play piano and guitar … and used to play in various local bands. Rock/blues are the main genres, but I have been known to play the odd classical piece when the mood takes me. I still occasionally play publicly at private parties or family get-togethers.